• Conquering the cloud

CloudData developed a multi-device mobile ticketing and permitting application that seamlessly integrated with local government systems using cloud technology for more efficient law enforcement. Learn More
  • Creating a data repository

CloudData created a Managed Accounts data repository to help sales and marketing managers develop deeper insights into the client firms and individual investors they serve. Learn More
  • Tags for a quick turnaround

CloudData Sense and Response (SnR) Framework helped a leading medical device company improve management of their inventory and accelerate product shipment to customers. Learn More
  • Robust analytics platform

CloudData developed an analytics platform to provide continuous bond pricing based on current market data thus enabling real-time pricing of US Treasuries. Learn More
  • The power of mobility

CloudData created a mobile application for financial advisors to practice their trade seamlessly between their office systems and their mobile devices. Learn More
  • Smooth, seamless logistics

CloudData develops and maintains seamless exchange of data, documents and processes across diverse systems. These processes drive up supply chain integration and bring in smoother operations across facilities in a vast supply network. Learn More
  • Mobile Document Delivery

CloudData created and deployed an application that allowed users to browse relevant and up-to-date information on the client’s product portfolio on iPad devices. Learn More
  • Tag it, track it

CloudData used its Sense and Response (SnR) Framework to create an Inventory Tracking and Repair Management System for a Supply Chain Enterprise to reduce service cycle time and improve stock taking accuracy at its warehouses. Learn More
  • Expedited Service Fulfillment

CloudData created a SharePoint portal for a top audit, tax and advisory firm to drive up market development. Learn More
  • Mobile Application for Clinical Trials

CloudData developed a mobile app to capture clinical trials data on a life-saving drug. Learn More