“Can Do” from the CloudData team

“I want to take the time to say ‘Thank you’ to the CloudData team. I for one appreciate everything that they can and do for us. Each and every day we deal with someone from your team either trying to figure out a new process to enhance the technology, creating solutions that best fit our customers or helping with suggestions on the latest and greatest.  Either way, it takes tremendous dedication to work through problems that are not specifically yours or try and find the road map to success, especially in dealing with all of the unique situations that they encounter within our company.  In my experiences, most outside companies would let their clients deal with their problems on their own.  It’s easier that way. But, the CloudData team is there for the conference calls, the follows ups, future and current project plans, headaches and they also deal with the day to day activities that can sometimes paralyze other companies. It is not always easy and I understand that some of these situations can be caused by our own internal networks or environments but we are all learning to make the system and partnerships even better than it was before. Please take a moment and congratulate your teams on their continued support." Director, Supply Chain Operations, Leading Medical Device Company in the U.S.

TCA Portal successfully delivered

"I'm writing to thank you and your team for executing the Portal project successfully.  My experience with CloudData has been a good one.  I found your team to be knowledgeable and skilled in development, and looking through the code it seems well-organized and understandable.  I recognize you and the team stayed late many nights in order to make this project a success.  So thank you for a job well done and I look forward to working with CloudData again in the future." Chief Operating Officer of a leading Transaction Cost Analysis provider.

Very competent, very professional – Technologists with unbiased input

"To date, CloudData has brought a high level of competence and professionalism in executing our projects. CloudData' management and solution teams consist of technologists who come up with unbiased input to ensure the right things are done to achieve the end objectives." Director, IT Business Management, leading auto and homeowner's insurance company

The “cool factor”

"My overall feedback for the iPad application is positive. CloudData met all deliverables and was extremely helpful throughout each phase of the project. The overall app in itself is great. The charts are exactly what we had envisioned and the time control features make it interactive and intuitive which adds the "cool factor" that we were hoping to accomplish. The best part about the app is that the workflow leaves us with endless opportunities to extend this to our other legacy products sometime down the road." Chief Business Development Officer, a leading content and applications provider for the Wealth Management and Investment communities.
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