Big Data Capability Assessment:

In the tremendously competitive marketplace, the adoption of the multi-phased, big data strategy separates the distinguished leaders from the laggards. However, as these complex programmes often span years rather than months, it is imperative that organizations understand what the different facets of a big data strategy are and how to measure capabilities to align them with the business objectives. With these challenges in mind, CloudData has developed unique new offering, Big Data Capability Assessment.
  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy
  • Business & Analytics Capability Review
  • Business & Analytics Roadmap
  • Business & Analytics Governance
  • Ecosystem Architecture Definition
  • Rapid Analytic Consulting Engagement (RACE)
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Science
  • BI & Cognitive Design
  • Data Acquisition & Integration
  • Data Design & Access
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Teradata Applications

CloudData Knows Big Data Solutions:

CloudData brings its expertise in product development, cloud computing, and technology architecture to the business of Big Data. Big Data applications are finding a foothold in just about every industry. Our team of specialists helps clients in a variety of industries create and manage results-driven information solutions.

Our team is made up of experienced system architects and developers with extensive expertise in software services, big data, and Web 2.0 solutions. We are also deeply involved in the forefront of the rapidly growing Big Data industry. Not only are we specialists in Big Data analytics, but also in the architecture and administration of Big Data solutions.

Why Choose CloudData for Big Data Projects?

We Know the Right Tools for the Job
We use industry-standard tools and test-driven development to deliver innovative and stable solutions for your Big Data needs. Whether you need to process terabytes or petabytes of information—in real time or in batch mode—we have the software for the job.

CloudData experts work with Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Pig, and Splunk, utilizing the necessary combinations of these tools to meet your specific needs.

We Bring a Quality-Focused Approach to Every Engagement:

At CloudData, we have quality product development down to a science. Our sourcing and execution strategies result in robust big data solutions that drive revenue for your business. We achieve this by following an Agile-iterative development model, ensuring that your software comes out faster and well-tested. We also encourage a constant feedback loop that reduces waste and boosts your ROI.

We Deliver the Results You’re Looking For:

CloudData helps your business harness Big Data to make the most of all your information. Whether you’re in healthcare, digital media, retail, telecommunications, law enforcement, financial services, or another data-driven market, our software will assist you in meeting your unique business challenges.