AI for Marketing Automation:

Pocket Data:

Artificial Intelligence for marketing and advertising. Let CloudData power your business without leaving the comfort of your existing tools. Powerful predictions in your pocket, anywhere, anytime. Read our Data Scientists’ methodology for model validation and data analytics.

CloudData gives deep insights into every user in your database, how your products are performing, and which users are interested in them

Connect your data to various data analytics, advertising, and marketing platforms for your own usage

Get detailed insights into how our CloudData's models work, dive into data analytics, and track their accuracy and performance over time

Customized Artificial Intelligence Services:

CloudData provides insights that help businesses and governments better understand their audiences.

Why AI Market Research?

Measures natural engagement:

Artificial intelligence measures natural engagement by understanding what people are sharing online. No questions are asked. Traditional surveying methods, like telephone polls and focus groups, are declining because they cannot do the same.

Removes opt-in bias:

CloudData sampling techniques produce large and representative samples with no opt-in bias. The true opinion of the population is being measured.

Tracks changes in real-time:

Living surveys measure real-time opinion and track changes in trend over time, giving you the most up-to-date information. Whether you want to increase sales and profitability, or get elected, having accurate information will help you make strategic decisions.

Represents multiple demographics:

CloudData generates comprehensive reports using up to 41 demographic profiles. Enough people are online for our research to represent the entire population or any demographic cohort within it.

Surveys in multiple languages:

CloudData conducts research in any language and can administer the same study in multiple languages to uncover cultural differences.

Support through every stage:

Reporting the current situation using descriptive analytics. Forecasting how the current situation will change using predictive analytics. Recommending how to change your current situation with prescriptive analytics.